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D & H Engineering are an integral part of the global supply chain for...

JCB - In every corner of the world - Truly a world class company



Driving positive and sustainable change on every continent



Pwering business worldwide


...amongst others!

Global Engineering 
Facilities in

UK   Poland India
Engineering in UK Engineering in Poland Engineering in India 

ISO 9001 DNV-UKAS Accredited

FM 511303 

BSI Accredited

FM 546427

Group Facilities in the UK, Poland and India

With group facilities covering the United Kingdom, Central Europe and Asia, D & H Engineering Limited are able to deliver on all your machining, outsourced precision engineering and needs from the most appropriate geographical plant.


There is a skilled and highly capable workforce delivering the same customer driven, ethical service in Poland and India managed locally and working hand in hand with head office in the United Kingdom.


The company has global clients, who support a growing global market (as you may do), so it made sense to have plants in three key areas of the world where they can serve your needs swiftly and effectively.


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