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D & H Engineering are an integral part of the global supply chain for...

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Global Engineering 
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ISO 9001 DNV-UKAS Accredited

FM 511303 

BSI Accredited

FM 546427

Reliable Precision Engineering Facilities in Poland

Precision CNC grinding machine in Poland
Polish engineers have long ago proven themselves to be skilled and experienced but perhaps more importantly, hardworking and committed to completing a project properly and on time. 

Precision engineering in Poland



Which is why Bytow in Northern Poland was chosen as the site for a new
60,000 sq ft plant for D & H Engineering to extend their service capabilities for clients not just in Central Europe but globally.


Precisioin engineered in Poland

D & H Engineering Poland currently ships to the rest of Europe, including the UK, as well as the United States of America. The demand for high quality precision engineered parts on a sub contract machining basis is increasing and D & H are very well placed to ensure you're able to benefit.

So contact us now to discuss how our engineering in Poland can help you achieve your objectives.

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