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New Quality Certification at Gujarat

D & H Engineering is proud to announce that as well as our full ISO9001:2008 registration in the UK, and Poland, we now have ISO9001:2008 accreditations at our Gujarat plant in India.

To you, our customer, this means that you can be absolutely assured that D & H Engineering operates the most stringent management systems – guaranteeing that every aspect of the work we carry out for you is of the highest standard.  And our compliance with the strict practices is continually monitored by independent third party assessors to ensure that our standards, and the quality of service and product you receive from us, never slip.

To find out more about how D & H Engineering can deliver you unrivalled precision engineering services coupled with superior levels of service, contact us today.

Parts For 190mph Sports Car Manufactured by D & H Engineering

Automotive engineering
Every so often a particularly interesting project comes along … the latest is the manufacture of a machined piece of stainless steel that forms part of a complex fuel pump and heat exchange unit in a 190 mph sports car.

Now, we can’t reveal what the car is but suffice to say it produces 430 horespower and will go from 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds, with those performance figures our part needs to work very well indeed.

The complexity of the engineering involved has been very interesting due to the thin wall needed for the heat exchange unit to function correctly – too thick and it won’t work with any degree of efficiency, too thin and the wall will buckle and fail … and that’s the last thing that’s needed at 190 mph.

Fortunately, the automobile company understand that D & H Engineering has the expertise and capability to enable us to produce the required number of parts at the right price, on time and to the right tollerences every single time – allowing them to deliver high powered, high speed sports cars to a very discerning market place with complete peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you contact us now

LEAN Manufacturing - De Montfort University, Knowledge Transfer Partnership and D & H Engineering Team Up

Partnering with De Montfort University LeicesterPartnering with Knowledge Transfer Partnership
As you’ll probably know, the aim of LEAN manufacturing is to, essentially, compress time. By reducing leadtime for example, productivity can be increased and costs reduced, often very dramatically.

D & H Engineering have been working with some very clever people from
De Montfort University in Leicester and the Knowledge Transfer Partnership to help us streamline processes, not just in the area of manufacturing but across the board including administration and co-ordination roles.

The end game is to enable D & H Engineering to be able to reduce wastage, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and overall provide a valued and highly competitively priced manufacturing service for organisations globally. From our plants in the UK, Poland and India our clients will be able to get exactly what they need, when they need it and at the right price.

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