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D & H Engineering are an integral part of the global supply chain for...

JCB - In every corner of the world - Truly a world class company



Driving positive and sustainable change on every continent



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...amongst others!

Global Engineering 
Facilities in

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Engineering in UK Engineering in Poland Engineering in India 

ISO 9001 DNV-UKAS Accredited

FM 511303 

BSI Accredited

FM 546427

Why Choosing D&H Engineering for Your Precision Engineering Will Be Good For Your Business...

The key to delivering consistent quality lies in our workforce, the equipment utilised and, importantly, the systems used to ensure a drawing becomes a finished piece perfect for its intended use.
Machined parts from forging
The engineers at D & H Engineering Ltd are all time served, experienced engineers who take a pride in their engineering. They understand the need for attention to detail and are a big part of the ethos that D & H Engineering subscribes to … and that is a can do attitude. All our engineers and operatives in all our plants adhere to ISO9001:2008, which means you can be assured of consistent and dependable quality.

The equipment used by our engineers’ ranges from the latest ‘state of the art’, high tech CAD systems to manual machines that just haven’t been bettered. Whilst the engineers use predominantly the high tech equipment, the fact that they possess skills on such a range of equipment is good news for us but great news for you as it gives you so much flexibility.

Whether your parts are being produced in the UK, in India or in Poland, you’ll find the same ethos through out the company, irrespective of location.

So contact us now to find out how we can help you to achieve your objectives. 

D&H Engineering Ltd, Unit 36-38, Great Central Street, Leicester LE1 4JT, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 116 251 6200 Fax: +44 (0)116 251 6120